Body treatments restore balance and well-being and foster a positive, healthy body image. They counter the destructive effects of stress, anxiety, and lack of rest on your system. Awaken senses dulled by pollution and stale indoor air, and revitalize the skin. But perhaps the most essential element of all is the remarkable effect of therapeutic touch. Our caring, highly professional staff ensures a nurturing, totally comfortable experience, even for the first time visitor. Discover a state of total harmony with nature's purest aromas and therapies.

◊ Anti-Aging ◊ Corrective ◊ Curative ◊ Hand & Foot Therapies ◊


Invigorating Body Polish - Gommage Marin (25 min) $55

Your entire body is meticulously polished with an algo-essence remedial complex. Granules of marine salts plus algae serum and red seaweed are freshly mixed with the finest replenishing essential oils; an outstanding way to liberate the body from its shell of dead skin cells. The end result is skin that feels brand new on the outside and "beneath the skin" relief as inner layers of tension leave you.

Hydrating Body Polish - Soin Velours (60 min) $85

Depending on your individual needs, your therapist will choose between a body polish utilizing a refining, remineralizing and robust marine complex, or a hydrating, repairing flower and plant formula. Following the "stripping away of dead leaves" — literal meaning of the word exfoliate — your new contours will be treated to a marvelous body massage with a silky blend of botanical lotion and oils.

Deep Hydrating Body Treatment - Hydralessence Body (75 min) $125

A deep reaching reconditioning body session. A splendid warm sensation through an algae body mask fragranced with flower essences, refurbishing the skin tissues for silky smooth contours. An intense skin relief of the body, mind and spirit.  

Hydra Fusion Treatment - (90 min) $160

This is a luxurious re-hydrating and drenching therapy for your face and body suitable for all skin types. You begin your treatment with a customized deeply firming and hydrating mask for the entire body. Enjoy our deeply penetrating moisture surge facial while your body is wrapped in nutrient rich hydration. This is a truly relaxing head to toe treatment that will leaving you and your skin feeling refreshed.


Detoxifying Herbal Wrap - Silhouette Detox (50 min) $95

A deep detoxifying herbal wrap. This powerful and soothing treatment works specifically on cleansing out toxins and "free radicals", improving the circulation. It uncovers healthy rosy fresh skin. Relax while your body is tucked into pre-soaked warm aromatherapeutic linens for total comfort. Perfect for recuperation from illness, increase of immune system, or support for those on long-term medications.

Target Cellulite Treatment - Zone Minceur (75) $110

Specially designed to target stubborn areas of cellulite. This sophisticated body treatment zeroes in on 3 target zones: stomach, buttocks and thighs. Using a compression wrap body pack charged with the maximum concentration of seaweed compound or argile marine mud, this therapeutic session helps to eliminate the uneven appearance of the skin and increase circulation. Provides maximum benefit when done in a series of 10-12 sessions.

Body Contour Slimming - Phyto-Marine (75 min) $120

Slimming and contouring body treatment. A powerful potion to reduce the appearance of bulges and to prevent stubborn dimpling. Two "A La Carte" options are offered in this state of the art slimming treatment: Your therapist will customize your marine body mask with either a marine clay enriched with kawa kawa or a micronized compound of freshly harvested brown and red seaweed. Both choices are complemented with essential oils. Your silhouette looks trimmer, your skin less spongy and your body free of everyday tensions. We recommend a series of 6 sessions, done weekly.

Anti-Fatigue Leg Treatment - Jambes Tonique (50 min) $80

This is a wonderful treatment for the relief of aches and swelling of the legs. This ultra refreshing and dynamic rendezvous is the perfect remedy for legs that feel heavy, tired and achy. Using drainage massage techniques and brilliant botanicals, this mandatory and relieving formula is designed to eliminate swelling and diminish pains. Produces an amazing feeling of liberation and lightness. Recommended as a series of 6, once to twice weekly.

Cellulite/Fluid Treatment, Hand & G5 - (75 min) $155

A specialty massage incorporating brisk vibration of the G-5 machine with specific targeted hand massage to release adhesions holding cellulite or edema. Also great for runners, those taking yoga, Pilates, and/or martial arts, and anyone with leg and hip restrictions. Ask us about our discounted series.

G5 Massage for Cellulite or Fluid - (25 min) $65

The vibratory effects of the G5 machine combined with essential oils assist in breaking up and decongesting cellulite tissue or enhancing lymphatic drainage for those retaining fluid. We focus on your personal areas of concern. The effects of this treatment are better seen in a series of 12 sessions.


Water Cure Therapy - (25 min)  $60

Enjoy a relaxing soak in a seaweed bath infused with essential oils, in a relaxing atmosphere of candlelight and soothing music. Nourish your body as your mind drifts away. We recommend this soothing restorative prior to any body massage or facial treatment, or after a body polish or wrap. Choose from Detox, Renew, or Rest Water Cures.

Essential Oil Detox - (115 min) $125

Based on an old Roman therapy, aromatics and herbs are wrapped around the body to generate warmth. Sweating eliminates toxins, which are removed in the Roman method. A brush and soap wash, followed by an application of hydrating lotion, completes the treatment. Recommended to supplement weight loss or liver healing programs.