Waxing removes hair by the root. It leaves your skin super smooth and hair free for up to four weeks. A minimal discomfort as we use the most current techniques available. Our different waxes allow you to experience the best in waxing for your individual skin type. Do not wax if you are diabetic. If you had Chemotherapy or Radiation, ask your doctor when you can start waxing again.

Body Location Price  
Lip $18/up
Chin $15/up
Brow (wax, groom, shape, tweeze) $20/up
Breast $25/up
Full Face $50/up
Lower Leg $45/up
Upper Leg $48/up
Full Leg $75/up
Full Leg Plus $95/up
Bikini $32/up
Bikini Plus $40/up
Brazilian $68/up
Brazilian Plus $75/up
Nude $85/up
Underarms $30/up
Half Arm $40/up
Full Arm (women) $55/up
Chest (men) $75/up
Back (men) $75/up
Full Arm (men) $75/up